Simultaneous interpreting


Simultaneous interpreting requires special equipment. The interpreter, seated in a booth, speaks nearly simultaneously with the presenter. The interpreted text reaches the audience via special reception devices. Simultaneous interpreting requires exceptional concentration and listening skills from the interpreter. The interpreter is not providing a word-for-word interpreting, aiming instead to convey the true meaning of the text. Simultaneous interpreting is not a natural way of communicating and requires concentration from the interpreter, as people do not usually listen and speak at the same time. Getting accustomed to and mastering such work requires time.


Consecutive interpreting

With consecutive interpreting, the interpreting takes place after the speaker has finished speaking. The text is presented in parts and, following each part, the interpreter presents the same material to the audience as accurately as possible. The interpreter is seated among the participants and no special equipment is required for consecutive interpreting.

Conference equipment

If you have an upcoming event where equipment for presenting or interpreting is required, we can provide this for you. We also offer complete solutions for delivering simultaneous interpreting.


What is the difference between an interpreter and a translator?

Both of them are language experts, but the difference lies in that translators provide written translations, while interpreters provide oral translations, either consecutive or simultaneous.

How many hours a day can an interpreter work?

It depends on each individual case and your needs. Only you can decide how many hours an interpreter should spend with you.

Can I choose the same language specialist that I have worked with before?

Yes, oftentimes we even create teams of language specialists for our cooperation partners, which means that the services are provided by the same translators or interpreters as before. We welcome your feedback and will gladly engage the same language specialist. Our regular clients also have their own project managers.

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